Pakistan To Hold Its First Davis Cup In 12 Years

Pakistan To Hold Its First Davis Cup In 12 Years


More than a decade after Pakistan hosted its last Davis Cup, Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) on Wednesday announced that it has received the go-ahead to host its first Davis Cup in 12 years.
Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Secretary Khalid Rehmani in a press conference revealed that the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has allowed it to host a Davis Cup against Iran in Islamabad. He was positive that the security of the event will not be an issue anymore, as it has improved in recent past. “The PTF has organized the same level of security which would be given to foreign presidents,” Rehmani said. “Pakistan has recently hosted three international squash matches in Islamabad as well, so the situation is more secure now.”
Since its last Davis Cup in 2004, Pakistan has been playing all major tennis tournaments at ‘neutral’ venues. The PTF Secretary expressed appreciation for the step taken by the ITF, terming it an opportunity to help “tennis in Pakistan grow”.

The event which scheduled to be held in February 2017, is major step forward since international sports events became a rare happening after militants attacked Sri Lankan Cricket Team back in 2009. Since then, Zimbabwe Cricket Team has toured Pakistan once in 2015, playing two T-twenties and five ODIs.



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