British Football Clubs Facing Child Sex Abuse Allegations

British Football Clubs Facing Child Sex Abuse Allegations



Around 350 alleged cases of child abuse are under investigation involving British Football clubs.

The scandal got public when a retired Football player Andy Woodward revealed the Guardian newspaper that he was abused by his youth soccer coach, Barry Bennell. Barry Bennell was also arrested three times for sexual crimes against young boys. Bennell was charged with 8 cases of sexual assault committed in early 1980’s.

Another former Newcastle soccer player, Derek Bell, told publically that he was sexually abused in late 1970’s hundreds of times by his youth coach George Ormond.

Recently, many former professional football players came forward and disclose that they were also a victim of child abuse in the past. All these players are speaking out to give strength to the victims.

Britain’s Football Association has also launched an inquiry to handle these allegations. A charity society, National Society of the prevention of cruelty to children has also set up a help line.  The purpose of the help line is to hear from victims and received around 860 calls in the first week.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Britain. A scandal like this one has shaken many parents who want their children to join youth camps.



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