Cricket Pundits are Speechless over Mohammad Amir’s Unplayable Delivery

Cricket Pundits are Speechless over Mohammad Amir’s Unplayable Delivery


While most people would not be Following the current Practice Match between Pakistan and Australia Xi in Cairns, there is a lot going on on the sidelines. Not only has Pakistan won the game comprehensively within 3 days but we have gotten to see the Mohammad Amir which we all came to know 6 Years ago.

Amir who is on his second Tour of Australia ( the first being in 2009) brought out his best with fiery and pacy new ball spells which Rattled the Australian Top order. His accuracy, effective line and length, coupled with late swing made every batsman think twice before playing any shot.

Cricketing Pundits were left dumbfounded after a Delivery Bowled in the 4th innings of the test Match in Amir’s Opening Spell. The Australian Team was some 20 Runs for 3 Wickets when Amir came running in, wrist up high and let through a ripper which was angling across the Batsmen but at the last moment just crept inwards enough the defeat a weak hearted Front Foot Defense from the Batsman. It was Too late, by the time the bat came down, the Ball had already Trodden well past his edge and smashed his Pads in front of off Stump. Amir and the Slip cordon left no moment to spare before raising their hands in what they expected to be one of the easiest decisions for the Umpire. A batsman stuck Plumb in front of the Stumps virtually attempting no Shot. Wasim Akram would have been Proud!

The finger of Death was raised in no Time giving Amir and us a flashback of his Destructive Bowling at Lords back in 2010 before all hell Broke Lose. Lets hope Amir can produce Such Deliveries against Australia also in the Upcoming Test series, it would certainly brighten up Pakistan’s Chances of trying to Win down under. Mike Hussey has already said that he is impressed with Amir’s redemption and it expecting him to give a tough time to the Aussies.



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