Was 2016 a Game Changer for Pakistan?

Was 2016 a Game Changer for Pakistan?


While most years go by unnoticed to the general public with a simple display of fireworks to mark the New Year, sometimes starting a new year is more than just witnessing some fire crackers. A new year brings new hopes, new ambitions and allows us to assess whether we as individuals, our communities and our Nation is indeed moving in the right direction. While most Pakistani’s would not go through the small facts and figures to make an assessment, I thought going over 2016 and observing the highs of this year would be crucial in seeing what 2017 hold for us.

2016 witnessed CPEC Projects being executed at record pace. Highways, Motorways and Energy Projects which once seemed plausible only in a parallel universe are now under construction and with most actually nearing completion. When CPEC was initially inaugurated by the Pakistani and Chinese Premiers back in 2015, most people didn’t know what to make of the pact, however today they are realizing that the pact not only holds immense strategic importance for Pakistan, but would make Pakistan and more-so Gwadar the future Hub of Trade on the Arabian Sea. With the recent successful launching of the CPEC Pilot Project, Pakistan proved that it had all the faculties and capacities to manage and run such a large scale multi-billion dollar investment. This would not only increase investor confidence bit also draw further foreign investments into the Country whose economy off late is starting to pick pace.

2016 was a year in which the Pakistani Cricket Team reached new Highs. It is never easy to be ranked the Number 1 Test Team in the World, but this feat was achieved by none other than the Misbah XI who came to England as the underdogs with most people writing them off from day 1 but ended up triumphant and dominant with 2 amazing Test Match performances. While we were dismayed by the Efforts in the shorter formats of the Game, we must not be oblivious to the fact that a Test Victory in England doesn’t come by chance. Swinging conditions, bouncy surfaces with little on offer for the spinners, a tour of England is something most Asian Teams would not want to talk about. The Pakistani Team though made it memorable with All round Batting and Bowling efforts which put smiles on the Nations faces at a time when it was just the thing we all needed.

2016 was a year where our nation strove to unite in the battle against Terror. Hitherto there has been a considerable decline in casualties as a result of attacks in Pakistan when compared to the preceding years. Pakistan Army’s effort to secure the borders alongside increased measures to improve security around the country has resulted an a safer environment in which most people feel more comfortable. While the fight is not over and will continue on wards into 2017, we all hope and wish the New Army Chief of Pakistan General Qamar Bajwa best of Luck in continuing the heroics of General Raheel Sharif for this Nation. General Raheel Sharif’s efforts for improving Pakistan’s image at the global level and also integrating Pakistan through various new Strategic Military Exercises ( most notably Pak-Russian Friendship Drills) has sent an impactful message to all those who hold negative opinions about Pakistan.

Lastly, 2016 has thus far been a year of Political Chaos. From Protests to U Turns to Speeches, Pakistani Politicians have left no page un turned in their efforts to project their vision on to the Public. Whether it be though paid TV Commercials or Raging Political Speeches in Jalsas, the Cat and Mouse tale of Pakistani Politics has continued. As the 2018 elections near, it would be up to the People of this Nation to decide who they stand by. Whether they would change their loyalties or whether they feel they have got what they were promised. At the end of the day, Democracy is the way forward for Pakistan and surely the people of Pakistan are the best Judges! ><

2017 brings us a chance to renew our vision, spirit and aspirations for the future. What we failed to achieve thus far is not a failure yet. Continuous effort and honesty will lead to prosperity. While 2016 has shown us that despite difficulties, success is always knocking at your door, you just need to recognize your opportunities and make the most of them. Whilst we cannot control what is all happening all around us, let us all promise ourselves that we the Citizens of Pakistan will in our personal capacity will continue to strive for our Motherland with a sense of Honesty, Responsibility and Pride in whatever Task we face because at the end of the day, we are all Pakistan. Pakistan is us. We set the image of Pakistan. Pakistan will rise because of us!




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