Use Fiverr to Make Money From Home in Pakistan: It’s simple

Use Fiverr to Make Money From Home in Pakistan: It’s simple


Do you have free time after job or studies? why not start earning on Fiverr from home.

Fiverr is getting very popular in Pakistani freelancing community. A big number of students, as well as professional, are using Fiverr to make money online. Fiverr gives a platform for your to sell services. Popular services include graphic designing, logo designing, web designing, programming, data entry, SEO optimization and business cards. However, you can add any “gig” (service) you find appropriate to sell. In this article will show simple steps for you to make extra bucks on Fiverr.

1. Make Fiverr Account

First of all, join Fiverr and get familiarize with the website. Fiverr is a network of thousands of online sellers and buyers. Write the description, skills, education, portfolios on your profile. This will make your profile look professional. But don’t worry if you have nothing much to write. Just add what every you find useful for your buyer because before placing an order, most of the time buyers visit sellers profile. After adding nice stuff to your profile explore the website. See what Fiverr offers at your profile (e.g., dashboard, requests, buying etc.), how people post Gigs, and What is already up there for selling.

2. Identify your skills

After getting familiarization with your profile and Fiverr website, Identify what you can sell on Fiverr. There are a number of services people are looking for on Fiverr. People have posted a number of interesting Gigs on Fiverr. For Instance, “I will make awesome explainer video”, ” I can proofread your thesis”, “I can do your programming in Matlab”.

You don’t need any out of the world skill to sell something on Fiverr. It can be very basic like “I can write a review for any product” or “I can write a resume for you in 5$” or “I will do Microsoft word formatting”.

3. Create your Gigs

Once you figure out what can you sell here, go to your profile and click on Create A new Gig. Carefully add Gig title, category, and tags. This information if important because your Gig will appear only if you give right category and tags. Then carefully add pricing, description, requirements and publish your Gig. Description and requirements are important because Buyer will first look into these details after selecting your Gig. Moreover, if you gave wrong requirements or hide something buyer can cancel the order later on. Therefore, add as much detail as possible.

4. Promote your Gigs

Once your Gig is published, then you must promote your Gigs to get accelerated orders. To promote your gig identify the community that can be your potential buyer. Use social media to reach them and share your Gigs there. You can also write blogs or share on forums. Also, a youtube video can also be very useful to promote your Gig. You can simply make a slideshow video.

Once you start making money you can also add the Gig reviews in your blogs or videos.

5. Get orders

When you receive an order first completely understand what your buyer is looking for. If he is requesting something you don’t offer, it’s best to refuse politely. If you get an order and cannot deliver on time or according to buyer’s requirement you might get a negative review.

For initial orders, Don’t worry about earnings and try to please your clients to get good reviews and lift your ranking. Once your ranking is up and you have a handsome amount of reviews, you will get tons of orders.

Try to stay in touch with the the buyer to fulfill its requirements.

6. Withdraw money

This the most asked question by Pakistani’s. How to withdraw money from Fiverr. A few years back it was a bit tricky but now it’s very simple, thanks to Payoneer.

To withdraw money you should go to Sales -> Revenue and you will see three options Paypal, Fiverr Revenue Card, and Bank Transfer. Paypal does not provide its services in Pakistan, therefore we only left with two options. The first one is very simple Fiverr issues a card (Option 1 Fiverr Revenue card, Option 2 Payoneer card). You can withdraw money from anywhere in Pakistan from your Fiverr account using these cards. To get Payoneer card you need to make an account in Payoneer site and the card will arrive in 7-15 days while Fiverr revenue card will arrive in 30-40 days. You must read all pros and cons of both options to select the feasible one for you. The card will arrive with a 4 digit PIN which you will need to setup after activating your card. Read this blog for other useful details regarding Fiverr payment option selection for Pakistan.

Finally, you not need to worry, your money is safe with Fiverr, it will not go anywhere. Thousands of Pakistanis are working on Fiverr and making great fortunes.

7. Improve Skills

You might be a beginner to start on Fiverr but you must not stop and keep on improving your work. The more you spend time in improving your work and promoting your gigs, the more you will grow on Fiverr.

You must maintain patience with your client’s orders and manage time well. Sometimes you will get loads of orders and on other occasions, it will be quiet for a while.



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