The Muslim world: History and the Contemporary World

The Muslim world: History and the Contemporary World


The Muslim world has been witnessing the worst condition of its structure, relations, and sovereignty. A war-torn scenario, hostile and aggressive inter-country relations, prevailing extremism and killings of hundred of thousands of Muslims on almost daily basis must be a cause of great concern for the Muslim leaders all over the world. And the most disturbing part seems to be the fact that the killer and the victim are both from the bond of Islam. In other words, Muslims.

The condition and circumstances in the Muslim world specifically in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan bring tears to the Muslims eyes across the world. Undoubtedly, one feels so gloomy and sad when gets to know about the pain Muslims are suffering from. The bond of Islam, one ALLAH, The Quran and the last Prophet (PB UH) teachings can not be seen in the actions of the Muslims.

The cancer of sectarian violence, the terrorist’s organization (which claimed to be Muslims) and misinterpretation of the understanding and teaching of the Quran and Ahadith are inflicting ever rising danger to the geographical and demographical power of the Muslims. Talibanization, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and daesh are the major terrorist’s players which have been occupying and exploiting the vacuum provided, deliberately or unintentionally by the Muslims.

Surprisingly, given the destruction and problems Muslims are confronting with, neither the religious leaders nor the political leaders of the Muslim ummah have taken any effective steps to curb the prevailing disharmony and disorder to revive the historical social and economical place of the Muslims. According to the international research report, more than 1.2 million Muslims have lost the chance to live a life ahead. Not only this, millions of others deprived of their homes, accommodation, food and right to life. Subsequently, Affected Muslims have been fleeing to the western part of the world to seek refuge and a temporary place to live. In this regard, a huge influx of the Muslims into the developed world make the victims suffer a lot in terms of resources provided.

However, the current face of the Muslim world is beyond one’s imagination. In 1969, fire-raising attack on Mosque Al Aqsa in Jerusalem by Zionist extremist enraged Muslims, which ultimately led to the Organization of Islamic conference (OIC) came into being. The OIC has become the 2nd largest organization in the world after united nations, with 57 member states. The meeting was the first unified expression of the Muslim Ummah for its determination to safeguard its interests, speak with one voice and ensure the progress and well-being of the Muslims in the world.

But the break up of Pakistan through armed intervention by India in 1971, the invasion of Lebanon by Israel in 1982, the Iran-Iraq war, Soviet intervention in Afghanistan and the US occupation of Iraq, have dealt a mortal blow to the unity, dignity, and sovereignty of the Muslim world. Muslims leaders have failed to demonstrate the unity of thought and action in an attempt to contain any of the crisis Muslims today, are facing with.

Last but not the least, we have to admit the fact that Muslims in this era, do not have bold leaders who can show the strength of the Muslims to the world. The current crisis between the west and the Muslim ummah provides an opportunity to the OIC to prove its relevance and show political will by playing a constructive role by building bridges between Muslims.



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