Punjab Government to Improve Standard of Public Sector Universities

Punjab Government to Improve Standard of Public Sector Universities



Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani in a statement has said that standard of public sector universities in Punjab ought to be upgraded according to international standards to benefit students, and the relevant field of study.  

Addressing a meeting at GCU (Government College University) with all Vice-chancellors of public sector universities at the auditorium of Government College University Lahore(GCU) on Monday, the minister said that public sector universities are the first priority of the people of Pakistan. “The standard of these universities must come at par with other private sector universities, so that the rich and the poor have no difference in opportunity at their disposal,” the minister said. “The Punjab government is completely dedicated to enhance standard of public sector universities in order to stand our universities among top 500 across the world.” He added that efforts are being made to raise universities’ budget for 2017-18, so that they can perform best.

Chairman of Punjab Education Higher Commission (PHEC), Dr Muhammad Nizam-ud-Din and Director General of PHEC, Dr Shahid Soroya were part of meeting along with Higher Education Department officials. They revised the different features of public sector universities in order to improve them. Condition of academies and their financial and administrative positions were overlooked. They checked the level of research facilities provided to students and focused to enhance future vision of institutions.

Gillani directed that any alteration in fee charges should be routed to him through PHEC for endorsement. He instructed the PHEC to sensitize the VCs as well in order to improve educational standards, and forwarded the 14-point agenda to all vice-chancellors in order to improve overall standards of the universities adequately. He guided them to create and implement a composite guide of future vision.




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