Russia to Participate in CPEC Project, India Stunned

Russia to Participate in CPEC Project, India Stunned


Russia is set to join hands of Pakistan and China through its participation in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project.

Russia is supposed to merge its Eurasian Economic Union Project with CPEC.

Last month, Moscow denied its participation in CPEC as it was published in some media reports. Moscow, until now had shown its neutral role considering India’s reservations over CPEC project. However, Russia’s Ambassador to Pakistan. Mr. Alexey Y Dedov, according to some media reports, has strongly backed CPEC, defining it as a great project for regional connectivity and Pakistan’s economy.

India has severe reservations over the CPEC project as it is a nail to position Pakistan high against Indian desires. Over the period of last one year, India has tried its best to isolate Pakistan internationally. However, all such moves have been of no use for India, rather Pakistan has become more vigilant.

On the other hand, Russia, a long-term regional partner of India, has recently shown its inclination towards Pakistan. This is a major sign of CPEC’s importance proving itself as a real game changer for Pakistan.



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