Junaid Jamshaid’s Legacy Will Continue

Junaid Jamshaid’s Legacy Will Continue


When Junaid Jamshaid lost his life in PIA’s December 7 air crash, being a singer turned preacher and a businessman, he deserted a broad legacy along with a different set of fans.

Some people have been calling back his music, while others are reminiscing his sermons and in the midst of all these clashing eulogies, there are the fans who visit his J. stores and want to know the future of his legacy.

The J. – Junaid Jamshed outlets have been viewed as the savviest challengers in local market as well as in international market. Despite the fact that the brand has a hold over great quality texture it has recently demonstrated a preference for a mess of multi-hues that isn’t generally aesthetically satisfying.

And there’s no doubt in growing strength of J’s. Outlets. The brand, at present, has an incredible 100 stores, stocking unstitched ladies’ dresses, prêt for women, men and youngsters as well. Along with that J. had introduced fragrances and a wide range of cosmetics recently. As indicated by the official site, 57 of these outlets are scattered across the nation while the rest are in other countries, like U.S.A., the Middle East and in Melbourne, Australia as well. Moreover, “our all stores are owned by brand owners which is a great achievement in business, while most other brands have franchises abroad,” says J.’s CEO Sohail Hamid.

That was the only brand which started the use of beheaded models in their advertisements , as images of faces are unreligious, which got criticized as well but later followed as a trend by other brands.

Most of the label’s fans & followers were fascinated by the persona of late Junaid Jamshed. As he may have left the field of music, but still he continued to remain in limelight.

While talked about the future of burgeoning J.’s Empire with brand’s representative and shareholder,  ”Junaid Bhai wasn’t very much involved in running of business, as he used to remain busy with his religious preaching that would involve a great deal of traveling. Yet, he was a manager and a shareholder and used his name for which he would be given a royalty.” said Hamid.

“Our business has flourished as a result of his personality and the sacrifices he made in his life. People really cherished him and will keep on doing so and clearly he was the main reason why clients have been attracted to our brand,” says Shareholder Hamid.



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