Gloomily, Tahir Shah Left Pakistan

Gloomily, Tahir Shah Left Pakistan



Pakistan’s famous singer Tahir Shah, who turned into a web sensation due to his melody song Angel, has left Pakistan after getting demise threats, his secretary said on Wednesday.

Tahir Shah who gifted us with two enormous hits which were Eye to eye, and Angel, covered himself in the international pop culture. He rose to popularity when his song Eye To Eye circulated around the web in 2013. Moreover, he got famous internationally after the release of his second song.

But, gloomily his own country couldn’t respect him as an artist. He had been receiving threats from some time, and that’s why he left country earlier this week, says his agent.

As of late Tahir Shah directed his own film, which is Pakistan’s first online film and it appears like the haters are not respecting his approach of utilizing his artistic skills to entertain people. Maybe that is the actual reason behind getting death threats. Shah was left dejected. As he asked for the security as well, while government neglected to give him security and as a consequence of which he chose to leave Pakistan.

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