Presentation Tips that will Really Help you

Presentation Tips that will Really Help you


“Public speaking is not a talent – it is a skill.”

If you have good knowledge about your subject, but you are not able to convey your idea to the audience then your idea is meaningless. So one should adopt good presentation skills in order to deliver an effective presentation. Besides gaining knowledge of your subject it is better to adopt presentation skills as well in order to better convey your idea.

Here are some tips for an effective presentation that  will really helpful.

Arrive early:

You should arrive early on the day of presentation and verify that all the equipment is running properly.

Start strongly:

Starting phase of the presentation is most crucial. You should grab the audience first by entertaining them few seconds and then start your presentation. Cut long introductions just use one or two sentences to introduce yourself.

Keep it simple and short:

Keep your text simple and short. Don’t add details in the slide. Use bullets to mention the important points and then explain the points verbally. Your presentation should be 10 to 15 slides long only.

Use visual aids:

Using visual aids makes your presentation stunning. It attracts the audience and aids them to better understand your idea. You can add pictures to your presentations.


Practice makes your presentation better You should rehearse your presentation at least five times before delivering the presentation. You can also mount video camera so that after rehearsing you can judge your presentation. The best way to rehearse is to keep the mirror in front of you. It will raise the confidence level.


Speak loudly:

Your voice should be clear and loud. If you will speak slow then it will divert the audience. They will not listen with interest. A Loud voice is a key to grabbing the audience.

Use your Body Language:

It has been estimated that more than three-quarters of communication is non-verbal.

That means that as well as your tone of voice, your body language is crucial to getting your message across. Use body language relevant to your topic. Make your gestures open and confident, and move naturally around the stage, and among the audience too, if possible.

Businessman Hands

Tell stories:

Audiences also pay attention to stories and ideas that are relevant to your idea. Adding stories and examples aids them to understand your idea. Try to focus on the core message of your presentation.

Pay attention to your personality:

Beside preparing presentation, your personality is also important. You should select the dress a day before the presentation. You can ask someone to help in selecting the dress. Your personality plays an important impact in front of an audience, so choose a simple and elegant dress.

Smile and keep calm:

If you keep smiling in front of an audience, it will make a good impact and it will show that you are not getting nervous. 

Eye Contact:

It is the most important tip. Don’t focus on laptop screen only. Try to keep an eye with the audience. 

Convey without any fear:

Don’t afraid of the great amount of unknown mass of people. Just feel that the audience in front of you are blank they did not know anything about your idea. You have to tell them each and everything. 

Pay attention to design:

Design your presentation as it attracts the audience. Select attractive background. Use large fonts, put dark text on a light background and add relevant images.

Question and answer. 

It is optional session. You should know to tackle the Q & A session. You should have a good command on the topic you are going to convey.

Some people ask stupid questions, but don’t bother, just give them the answer by keep smiling. When you get a question, first repeat the question to the audience so everyone can hear it, then proceed to answer. Take a while rehearsing the answer in the mind before replying to a question

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Exit the stage:

Leave the stage by saying “Thank everyone for their attention”. Tell them the presentation is available in printed form.


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