10 People Who Think Today’s Pakistan Is Not QuaidKaPakistan

10 People Who Think Today’s Pakistan Is Not QuaidKaPakistan


Today’s Pakistan is not QuaidKaPakistan, which is quite obvious. Today Pakistan is a part of the global world and its community where the contribution of Pakistan is quite dubious. Because negative elements in this country today end up some way or another being against to Pakistan. Many Pakistanis believe that those negative countries are somehow involved in corrupting the image of Pakistan like India, etc. But the reality is that this is ‘Us’ who have brought our country to this edge by electing those government representatives which made its condition worse. People believe that today’s Pakistan is not the one which was envisioned by our Saviour Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Here’s get to know what people says on Twitter regarding #QuaidKaPakistan.

1: Too much load shedding cannot be in #QuaidKaPakistan.

2: Pakistan needs another Jinnah to rebuilt it.

3: Who thinks this is #QuaidKaPakistan?

4: It’s Wrath of God that it’s no more #QuaidKaPakistan.

5: This is not #QuaidKaPakistan.

6: Courts can’t even bring you justice, this can’t be #QuaidKaPakistan.

7: Leaders devastated #QuaidKaPakistan.

8: Why no justice in #QuaidKaPakistan?

9: A question raised to know, if its #QuaidKaPakistan?

10: Lessons were given by Saviour of Pakistan.

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