Misleading News Titles on Social Media by Pakistani Web News Services

Misleading News Titles on Social Media by Pakistani Web News Services


Did you ever witness thrilling news titles on your facebook news feed followed by a poor news? This is because some news websites are generating traffic with such content on their facebook pages. These websites have millions of facebook fans and are earning thousands of dollars daily. To keep generating traffic on their websites, sometimes they post news with misleading titles. However, these websites are doing well and introducing new features and contents to compete with each other. Recently, the quality of these facebook pages has been improved quite fast. Here are some examples taken from their recent facebook posts.

1. Hassannisar.pk

On top of our list is hassannisar.pk started on april 2016. Currently, its facebook page has around 2 million likes. It has roughly 30,519 unique users each day that generate 91,558 daily pageviews. Hassannisar.pk is ranked 115 in Pakistan Top websites ranking by Alexa.

2. UrduPoint.com

Started on year 2000, urdupoint.com has ruled over a decade on the internet due to its leading content on Urdu poetry and literature. Now, it became a news giant on social media having more than 7 million likes on Facebook. It has also started Live news on Facebook, getting popular each day. It has 571,762 unique users each day generating 1,715,285 daily pageviews. Alexa has ranked urdupoint as the top 6th website in Pakistan.

3. Javedch.com

Another popular social media news page is javedch.com and its website was created on August 2011. With an over 3 million users, it is generating 325,440 unique users and 976,320 daily pageviews each day, ranked 10th in Pakistan Top websites.

4. Dunyanews.tv

Dunya news facebook page has over 7 million likes and it is generating daily 77,268 unique users and 231,803 pageviews. Alexa has ranked dunyanews at top 55th website in Pakistan.


5. Express.pk

Express.pk is the top 25th website in Pakistan according to Alexa. It has over 11 million Facebook Likes generating 78,827 unique users and 836,480 daily pageviews.



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