Let’s Meet Up With People Who Actually Make Your Clothes

Let’s Meet Up With People Who Actually Make Your Clothes


How often have we purchased designer wear dresses and known the tailors working in the background? Let’s be realistic, we never know about them.

Many new trends have been seen in the fashion industry in 2016. One of those trends, a trend set by fashion designer Zahra Shahjahan was quite different and worth sharing. That was actually a campaign named #whomademyclothes which showcase skilled labourers who are the actual driving force behind brands/designers, through which she exposed those faces who are actually making/stitching clothes of her brand in April 2016.

Master Riaz tailor behind Zara Shahjahan clothing. Source: Instagram. #IMadeYourClothes

Meet Master Riaz, He is very friendly, precise and very great at his work and yes he’s the person who actually makes the patterns of your excellent bridals.We honour all the people behind the scenes to make fashion possible,” says Shahjahan.

Ms Saima – Worker of Zahra Shahjahan. Source Instagram.  #IMadeYourClothes

Meet Ms Saima, “our PPC head is strict, unforgiving on quality, however yet exceptionally endearing. Giving an agreeable, hearty environment for ladies to work in is something we at Zara Shahjahan consider important.”

Irshad sahab, worker of Zara Shahjahan. Source: Instagram.#IMadeYourClothes

Meet Irshad sahab, He is well learned in fact exceptionally solid and 40 years of experience in adda work. He subtle elements of your bridals, makes them look rich and excellent. He brings euphoria into a standout amongst the most imperative days of your life. Zara Shahjahan trusts in observing Pakistani experts and dealing with them, says Zara Shahjahan.

I got this concept through a blog,” says Zara, proprietor of fashion empire Zara Shahjahan. “Furthermore, we believed, it’s an incredible thought, we should also highlight this.”

“There is a confusion in Pakistan that karrigars are not paid well or dealt with, that the planners take all the cash. However, the majority of our labour is highly paid, particularly skilled workers, so we wanted to let people know the reality, how well these karrigars have been treated,” she added.

” Our team chose to do the campaign through Instagram, and uploaded pictures going from  karigars who lines bridals to the administration head who checks the quality of the garments.” she added.



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