Increasing Rate of Suicides in Pakistan

Increasing Rate of Suicides in Pakistan


There was a time when people avoid talking about suicides because it was hard to imagine suicides.  Now the ratio of Suicide cases in Pakistan is many times bigger as compared to the past.  Suicide is the major problem in Pakistan and it is the common cause of unnatural death. Suicides incidences are reported in the news and press every day. The suicide rate is most common among teenagers. Suicides not only affects one person, but the whole family. People commit suicide to get rid of painful condition of their lives, but they even forget that Islam does not allow us to do this act in any circumstances. The government and media should take steps to eliminate the reasons that push the people to do this lethal act.

Why do people end their lives by Suicides?

Suicide rates are going to be increasing day by day, but the question arises what are the reasons or causes that push people to end up their lives by suicides? Here are some reasons for suicides.



Currently, the major cause of suicides is unemployment. Pakistani students spent a large amount of money on their studies, but still they don’t get a job. People want jobs because they want to support their families, but they don’t get anything except frustration and depression and it leads them to commit suicide.




A person has many hopes and expectations, but when the person becomes hopeless, then it can lead towards dissatisfaction, failure, and lack of confidence. They try to close the chapter of their life.



Everyone has some regrets in lives. Some people learned from their mistakes and some people always regret on their mistakes. Sometimes people submerge so deeply in guilt that leads them to commit suicide.

Mental illness:

Some people, suicides due to mental illness, this can be anxiety, bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia

Drugs Addiction:


Some people are drug addicts.They submerged their lives deeply in drugs addicting.  Many people use drugs to escape painful feelings of depression and hopelessness of their current life situation.  Some people think that’s the only way to escape the agonizing pain.



Some people separate them from the environment as they are a victim of bullying or them few close relationships. Loneliness push the people to commit suicides.

Financial Problems:


Nowadays every person is hand to mouth. Usually, persons take a large amount of debt in order to meet expenses and the stress, how to return debt forces them to suicides. Some people don’t bear the loss in their business and they suicide to escape from this situation.


Depression is the leading cause of suicides. Unemployment, loneliness, financial problem, regrets and personality disorders are the factors that lead towards depression. A person grabbed in depression tries to commit suicide to escape from this situation. Suicidal thoughts dominate their minds and they think that’s the only way to escape the agonizing pain.

In despite to all these reasons, we should avoid from this act. We should hope well from Allah almighty. This is our responsibility to eliminate these causes and prevent the people from this greater sin. We should take a stand and break the silence otherwise our corrupt leaders will continue to take our lives.



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