Indian Media Advice its Government to Join CPEC

Indian Media Advice its Government to Join CPEC


CPEC is a game changer for Pakistan. But, it benefits all those countries which join it.

Besides China and Pakistan, Russia showed interest. Later there was a development towards Chabahar port. Where Iran and India tried to either compete for CPEC or compliment it.

However, recent news by the Indian media shocked many.

According to leading Indian newspaper “The Hindu”: “CPEC is no longer a project in Pakistan but one that runs through it, a project that will link 64 countries.”

It shows the vital role that CPEC can play towards regional stability. To add, media is an important pillar of the state. In a secular country like India, words by the newspaper are worthy of pondering.

Advice by the Indian media to support CPEC rather than opposing it can play a major role.

Hope this works. This would definitely make India rely on Pakistan.

Resultantly, dominance will dilute. Furthermore, the tense relation between Pakistan-India since 1947, will be normalized. Moreover, it will contain the militancy by non-state actors in the Balochistan.



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