“Uljhey Suljhey Anwar” Launched In Karachi

“Uljhey Suljhey Anwar” Launched In Karachi


A book on the life and work of prominent & old writer Anwar Maqsood, titled Uljhey Suljhey Anwar penned by his better half, Imrana Maqsood, was launched in Karachi on this Wednesday evening.

Wife of Anwar Maqsood penned his life story down in a book titled “Uljhey Suljhey Anwar.”

Anwar Maqsood said Pakistan made in 1947, and he and his significant other had been hitched for a long time. Pakistan got partitioned into two, yet their marriage was in place. In spite of the fact that there came Bangladesh-like issues amid their wedded life, they figured out how to pull through, in light of the fact that marriages couldn’t succeed if there were any squabbles between couples.

Maqsood said Imrana had picked an alternate title name for the book, however, upon his request, she transformed it. She’d composed a decent good book. Certain things that he dreaded would be written were not there, they may show up in the following book. The success of this book would recommend when the following would be distributed. The front cover of book Uljhey Suljhey Anwar was designed by their son, Bilal.

Distributor of the book Hoori Noorani said a few years back Imrana had met her and communicated her yearning to pen the book. Things did not emerge. Later on, Hoori’s cousin Asif Noorani came to visit her along with Imrana. He advised her that she was composing a book and asked for her to distribute it on the condition that Anwar Maqsood’s works would likewise be included into the book. That’s how the book got published.

Author said it was a difficult chalange to bring up a writer/artist. And she brought up one father and his two children as well, neglecting her own life. Imrana Maqsood  said to write a biography of an artist was not easy either, only God knew how she made it happened.



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