Pakistani Fashion Brand Which Won Social Media Campaign In 2016

Pakistani Fashion Brand Which Won Social Media Campaign In 2016


If you are a social media user then you must remember Mahira Khan’s edgy Pepe Jeans photoshoot which wowed people with winning campaign. 

Different fashion brands in Pakistan are upping their game by celebrity endorsements on social media, as they have realised the true value of the web platform in today’s digital age.

From Facebook to Instagram,  the utilisation of prominent hashtags, now brands are deliberately utilising web-based social networking as a part of imaginative approaches to attract a large number of people. Some miss the point, yet a chosen few hit the nail on the head. Here’s the Pepe jeans brand which has changed the way we see the social media campaigns today.

When the brand came up along with Mahira khan’s photo shoot and filled your newsfeed with her pictures, no one knew the brand is from London and existing since 20’s. People can’t even pronounce the name. But it got famous like hell because of Mahira’s endorsement in it. And she looked quite different and awesome in that rough tough look.

Soon later, Sikandar Rizvi and Ayesha Omer filled our newsfeed with photos wearing Pepe jeans and people were in awe. That beach summer shoot was another part of the campaign.

Then Pepe jeans came up with the internet sensation and wife of boxer Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom along with her self-designed jeans. In those photos, she introduced a new idea and asked the audience to join in and design their own jeans as well.

Online networking went into a craze after these photoshoots, with individuals discussing them relentlessly. In any case, precisely how did Pepe Jeans Pakistan choose to think outside the box with these shoots?

“Talking all around, all our customers is on social media; Instagram and Facebook, which is the reason every one of our crusades concentrates on VIPs with a substantial fan taking after, keeping a nearby concentrate on their Instagram supporters. Whoever has more Instagram devotees, we concentrate on them,” clarifies Saad, CEO Pepe Jeans.



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