Tahir Shah Relased A Message On The Eve Of New Year

Tahir Shah Relased A Message On The Eve Of New Year


According to the last news, Tahir Shah has had left the country due to some death threats. But recently he has released a video message on the eve of the new year 2017, through his facebook page which left everyone in awe. 

What we heard last time from Tahir Shah was threats given to him. Before that we saw him as a purple angel, wearing a tiara on his head giving us a message about love.  Then he turned into golden from purple and gave us the golden words about ‘Humanity Love’.

Tahir Shah has appeared in this message video as ‘King Shah’ as the title claiming itself.

This message is more sounding like a next episode of ‘Angel’.

In this video Shah is wrapping up in a golden outfit like a king, sitting on a matching throne and speaking about love, urging us to love humans.

Let’s see either fans of Shah will be adding this into new year resolutions or will neglect it.



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