Let’s Have A Look Which Trends Men Should Follow And Which Shouldn’t

Let’s Have A Look Which Trends Men Should Follow And Which Shouldn’t


In 2016 Fashion week came up with a large collection of menswear, while only some of those should in wardrobes of men, as few experiments of designers were quite scary like the Capri pants, revealing legs hairs which are definitely a big No.

Talking about the dresses for wedding events, here are some tips regarding dresses that which one can be a good choice in order to impress on Big Day.

Go For

Layering Of Multiple Stuff

Amir Adnan knows well how to layer multiple fabrics into one outfit. Black & white shirt and jacket gives a perfect look along with a brown leather coat. And that lighter brown tone pants making it awfully complete. Don’t hesitate to wrap a scarf around, as a scarf add an oomph to an attire.

Combination Of White With A Light Colour

White colour goes with every colour and this mint green Sherwani is a great proof. pairing white with light tone colours will give you an elegant look. It is soft, cool and soothing to the eyes. While this experiment of pairing patiala shalwar and the short shirt is looking astonishingly good as well.


Winter weddings require shawls. So instead of going for black, skin and white shawls, go for printed ones with multiple colours and prints. As this printed shawl having Mughal-tapestry feel intricately woven featured with animals, humans figures and plants, making it awesome.

Simple Sherwani

If nothing works with your personality, then go for simple white kurta pyjama pairing it with light coloured sherwani. Which will definitely work.


Bnarsi jacket 

Wearing a jamawar bnarsi fancy jacket won’t give a reason to wear something else heavy along with it because it will look just perfect and complete with simple pants.Don’t hesitate, try it once at least.

Never Go For


Going shirtless would never be a smart choice, but rather a stupid one. This can only be acceptable in movies and while walking the ramp.

Inappropriate Layering

Whenever you go for layering in print, then keep both in different colours. Never go for same colour family. Because it gets too loud and less appealing.

Pairing Sherwani With Pishwas

This light pink sherwani could look good if wasn’t pairing with a pishwas. Yes, pairing a sherwani along with a pishwas would be the worst choice you’d ever have.


Capri Pants

Capri pants are No No. That’s enough.

Leather Sherwani

Sherwani is an Asian dress so it should look like Asian at least. Westernizing Sherwani with leather fabric doesn’t look good. In fact, it’s quite confusing that if it’s a sherwani or some super hero outfit.




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