12 Signs That You Are Extra Addicted To Your Phone

12 Signs That You Are Extra Addicted To Your Phone


As cell phone usage have increased over past years, youngsters are too much addicted to their phones, but yes some of them. If you could get your phone attached to your wrist surgically, you would have done this. because it doesn’t really make a difference. In another case, your phone remain with you all the time. Well, this is a sign that you are excessively addicted to your phone.

Let’s have a look and find all those signs of being addicted to the cell phone.

1-When you cannot let your phone out of your sight, even when you are in some function, program.

2- When you bring your phone in the kitchen as well.


3- when you put your phone in range of your hand, even while sleeping.

4- when you keep on looking on your phone while in bed.

5. When your mother asks you to don’t use it.


6. when you cannot find your phone in your purse or pocket since few minutes.

7. when you cannot bring your phone in washroom.

*. When everyone complains about your relation to phone and you behave like what wrong have you done?

9. When you collect every piece of information from your phone.

10. When you get emotional if someone tries to take your phone away.

11. When you check your phone after every 5 minutes to see new notifications.

12. When the first thing in the morning you do is to check your mobile.



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