How to Make Cold Cake without Baking


Have you ever been tried cake without baking?  Here is the recipe of making a cold cake without baking. It’s really very easy and delicious. Try this.

What you need?

Butter—————————– 6 ounce
Sugar—————————— 10 tsp
Cocoa powder——————— 1 tbsp
Marie biscuits——————— 1 pack, finely crushed
Vanilla essence————————— few drops
Crushed almonds ——————————- 3 tbsp


  • Break the Marie biscuits into 3 pieces.
  • Take a large pan and boil water. Now take another pan and put it in the first pan in order to avoid direct heating. Now throw everything in it except vanilla essence, biscuits and almonds.
  • After adding eggs, butter, sugar and cocoa powder mix well.
  • Now stir the ingredients  until the sugar melts. Once done, add a few drops of vanilla essence and crushed almonds. Remove pan from the flame and add biscuits.Coat well.
  • Take a plastic bag and pour the batter in it. Roll it and make a small loaf.
  • Keep in refrigerator till set. Remove plastic bag and cut slices.
  • Serve immediately.
















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