Abducted Pakistanis In Turkey Have Been Recovered By Turkish Police

Abducted Pakistanis In Turkey Have Been Recovered By Turkish Police



The official representative at the Turkish Embassy in Pakistan claimed that Turkish police had recovered a few Pakistani nationals kidnapped in Turkey,  on Wednesday.

Turkish police arrested when given data by Pakistani authorities investigating the matter. Prior, the Gujranwala police had also said it had captured suspects thought to be the kidnappers.

The representative informed that authorities positioned at the Pakistani consulate in Turkey will affirm the real identities of the abductees present in police headquarters.

Prior on Monday, media reported that few Pakistani nationals had been abducted for a payoff by speculated Kurd miscreants close to Turkey’s border.

The abductees, hailing from Gujranwala and Wazirabad, were flying out to Europe when they were kidnapped by suspected Kurd miscreants.

Taking after the recovery of the abductees, Turkish police have confirmed that those abductees have been sent to the Consulate General of Pakistan.

According to a statement issued by Pakistan’s Foreign Office, six Pakistanis have been recovered. Those are Muhammad  Zeeshan, Abid,  Fazal Amin, Adil Ahmad, Ashbar Ahmad and Usman Ali.

“Pakistani authorities are in contact with the Turkish authorities and have looked for access to the rescued people,” they added.



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