Which CPEC Projects can End Load-Shedding in Pakistan?

Which CPEC Projects can End Load-Shedding in Pakistan?

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The China Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC is slowly and steadily beginning to show its worth to the people of Pakistan.
Initially there were speculations as whether the massive 50+ Billion Dollar Investment will actually affect the lives of the average Pakistani however now, nearly 2 years into the project we are nearing that point when we can forsee a better future.

As far as the Power Projects are concerned, one of the major initiatives of CPEC was to try to eliminate Pakistan’s Power shortage. Long thought to have affected the growth rate and industrial output, an end to Pakistan’s energy crisis was paramount in not only advancing Pakistan Economically but also to attract more foreign investments. Pakistan faces about 6000MW peak shortfall in the Summer which is about one third of the total energy generation in the Summer. While the situation in the Winter is better off with a slimmer shortfall, much of the brunt of energy shortage is exposed onto the Rural Areas in order to minimize any adverse effects on the Economy.

Here are 6 CPEC Power Projects which could Bring an End to Loadshedding in Pakistan:

1) SAHIWAL Coal Power Plant
LOCATION : Sahiwal District
Power Output : 660MW x 2 Turbines ( 1320MW)
Expected Completion : June 2017
Technology : Coal Thermal Based
Cost : 1.8 Billion USD ( 190 Billion PKR – 1 Kharab 90 Arab PKR )
Ownership : China’s state-owned Huaneng Shandong ( 51% Shares)
Electricity Price : 9 Rupees / Unit
Located in between Sahiwal and Okara on the N-5 National Highway, this Project began to catch the attention of passers by very quickly because of its 2 Massive 160 Meter Tall Cooling Towers. As of now, this is likely to be one of the first Coal Plants to be Fully Operational in Pakistan and because of its central Location in the Country, the distribution of Power could minimize any line losses. However the use of Coal is never the best when it comes to the environment so it is better to hope that this project would be a short term one with an up-gradation to a better technology in the future.

2) KASUR Balloki Combined Cycle Power Plant
LOCATION : Kasur District
Power Output : 1223MW
Expected Completion : Mid – Late 2017
Technology : Combined Cycle Gas Thermal Based
Cost : 910 Million USD ( 90 Billion PKR – 90 Arab PKR )
Ownership : National Power Parks Management Company Pvt. Ltd
Electricity Price : 9 Rupees / Unit
This project is Located on the banks of the Balloki – Sulemanki Link Canal in Kasur District near Changa Manga and is also expected to help Pakistan overcome its loadsheddings issues. The Power Plant while offering more cleaner alternative to the Sahiwal Plant will also run on Natural Gas and hence is not one which could be sustainable but will help Pakistan overcome its initial crisis in the short to mid term.

3 ) KARACHI K2 K3 Nuclear Power Complex
LOCATION : Karachi District
Power Output : 2 x 1100MW ( 2200MW)
Expected Completion : K2 in 2022, K3 in 2023
Technology : Nuclear Power Plant
Cost : 9.6 Billion USD ( 960 Billion PKR – 6 Kharab 60 Arab PKR )
Ownership : Pakistan Atomic Energy Comission
Electricity Price : 8 – 9 Rupees / Unit
One of the most massive leaps in Recent Times, Pakistan’s expansion of Karachi Nuclear Power Complex will be instrumental in eliminating Loadshedding. This massive investment of nearly 10 Billion USD is a long term investment which would have a much longer shelf life and a renewable footprint which will also provide and sustainable and clean option for the Power in Pakistan while also boosting Pakistan’s expertise as a Nuclear Energy Based Nation Worldwide.

4 ) Jhimphir Wind Power Plant
LOCATION : Near Jhimphir Village, Thatta District
Power Output : 56 MW ( Pilot Project )
Expected Completion : Complete ( Other Wind Parks Being Established in Vicinity)
Technology : Wind Turbine Based
Cost : 143 Million USD ( 14.3 Billion PKR – 14 Arab 30 Crore PKR )
Ownership : Public Private Partnership ( China Three Gorges Pvt. Limited)
Electricity Price : 12 Rupees / Unit
Wind energy is gaining importance and widespread acclaim worldwide. Countries like Germany are now acheiving very high proportions of their Power Capacity just because of their Wind Energy potential. Southern Regions of Pakistan are also havig very high potential to Produce as much 3200MW of clean, safe wind Energy and contribute it to the National Grid

5 ) Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project
LOCATION : Jhelum River, Azad Kashmir
Power Output : 1000MW
Expected Completion : May 2017
Technology : Hydroelectric Power
Cost : 4.03 Billion USD ( 407 Billion PKR – 4 Kharab 7 Arab PKR )
Ownership : WAPDA
Electricity Price : 8 Rupees / Unit
The Neelum Jhelum Dam along with the Tarbela Dam is still the most significant infrastructure which Pakistan can look upto in the near future to aleviate its energy Crisis. Not only will it supply 1000MW of clean energy but it will also be a long term investment. Tarbela Dam’s 4th Turbine Extension will also add 1440 MW of Power into the System.

6 ) Quaid e Azam Solar Park
LOCATION : Bahawalpur District
Power Output : 400MW ( Upgrade to 1000MW)
Expected Completion : First Phase December 2016 , Second Phase ongoing
Technology : Solar Power
Cost : 150 Million USD ( 15 Billion PKR – 15 Arab Rupees )
Ownership : Quiad e Azam Power Pvt. Ltd.
One more glimmer of hope comes from the Quaid e Azam Solar Park. Initially it was designed as a 100MW Pilot Project. On success of its initial project, it was decided to expand the Project to 1000MW of which 400MW have been completed and the solar Panels on ground cover over 500 Acres of Land. The installed capacity is expected to be fully achieved later this Year. While Solar Power is Expensive it is also a permanent investment with long term returns and zero impact on the environment. Keeping this in mind, this would likely be a step towards Green Energy while at the same time supplying a decent amount to the National Grid.

Hence we have seen that their is great potential in Pakistan for various energy types. From Coal powered to Gas powered Thermal Plants. From Nuclear to Solar to Hydropower Plants, Pakistan has been blessed with a multitude of Natural Resources. It is the time to invest and reap the fruits of all these for the generations to come and develop Pakistan.



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