Technology 2017 –  What Developments to Expect in 2017

Technology 2017 – What Developments to Expect in 2017


What technological development to expect in 2017?

Predicting future is the game of handwork but predicting future of technology is more connected with staying up to date. Here with previous developments, we can easily predict what is emerging or what will emerge in Technology 2017 and afterward.

3D Printer

3d printer also known as additive manufacturing. this 3d printer will print a solid model according to your desire digital design. So this 3d printer is ready to transform your dreams into reality. This is achieved through creating hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers. this 3d printer can be yours in $2799.

DNA App Store

DNA app store is another helpful application which will reveal any health risk which may happen to you due to your genes. This DNA app store will surely available to use this year for only 100$. This DNA app will tell you most of the things about your genes with your spit sample only.


Self-driving car or driverless cars is another dream come true in future. This self-driving by google is environmental free and improving life quality by decreasing life risk and will be helpful in controlling traffic jams.
There are some other developments such in the field of smart home products. You can imagine a single outlet or a small device to control security, lightening, speakers and Wifi system. The concept of a cross-platform will slowly fade away rather you can see blur line between techniques for desktops and of laptops. In short , the heading device category will disappear. You will defiantly see more application of VR and AR other then gaming. Companies will focus on technical fields as well as non-technical fields. You can already see companies are taking interest in incorporating and developing techniques to enhance agriculture, farming and fisheries.



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