15 Problems Only Girls With Curly Hairs Can Relate To

15 Problems Only Girls With Curly Hairs Can Relate To


Not every girl is blessed with super awesome curls naturally that often make you look like so cool and perfect, which become your identity mark. Because most of the times a curly haired woman looks like she got her head stuck up in a chimney, unfortunately. So if one works hard on her curls to keep them tame and flawless, then they are a good feature one have. And it is the actual reason behind most of the good remarks, compliments they get, but they are very difficult to maintain. But this twisted beauty comes with a price.

Let’s have a look at few things which are too relatable with every girl having curly hairs.

1- When people ask you why you don’t brush your hair? and you’re speechless.

2- When you watch those lucky people who brush their hairs so smoothly like it’s not a big deal.

3- When someone thinks you’re lucky enough because of having beautiful curly hairs.

4- You love compliments, but when anyone says something nice about your hair, it’s nearly impossible for you to accept it.


5- When your family makes those stupid funny jokes about your hairs, and you get pissed off.

6- When you desperately want to straighten your hair permanently.

7- You never know the actual length of your hairs.

8- When you look so dull without making any proper hairstyle, which takes hours.

9- When people asks you if your hairs/curls are real? And you feel a bit proud that you actually have something rare.

10- When your curls murder every single hair clip you have.

11- when you have broken many hair brushes.

12- When your conditioner ends fastly than you shampoo bottle because you need conditioner to make your rough curls silky.

13- When you can never sleep without brushing your wet hairs.

14- When you remain sad most of the times because of your difficult curls.

15- Because of those days when you actually look good with curls make you think that you have gotten something better, and there is still hope.






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