PM Annouced Rs 500 Million For Program Zarb-i-Qalam

PM Annouced Rs 500 Million For Program Zarb-i-Qalam



PM Nawaz Sharif announced a large amount fund of Rs 500 million for program ‘Zarb-i-Qalam’ for the Literary Heritage Division and National History to help counter extremism and stop terrorism, on Thursday.

The chief expressed hope regarding the four-day moot would deal with challenges facing by Pakistan currently, particularly terrorism and propose solutions to handle the threats, while addressing a literary conference in Islamabad.

“At the point when abstract works go away, then society gets to be distinctly involved in different contrasts,” Nawaz said. “In a society where flowers of poetry and literature bloom, the diseases of intolerance, extremism, disunity and sectarianism do not develop,” he added.

So many people and innocent children have been ruined due to such diseases. The government is working to root out this disease, and its political will was authorized by the military. We want to root out terrorism from this country and make it a peaceful place, he said.

He said that in spite of the fact that Operation Zarb-i-Azb is progressing, there is additionally a requirement for Operation ‘Zarb-i-Qalam’ to make this country a better place.

“Through specific media, these things are getting to be distinctly normal and affecting generations of Pakistanis. This condition of happenings needs to consider seriously, in light of the fact that such attitudes turn into extremism,” he added.



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