Top Programming Languages One Should Learn

Top Programming Languages One Should Learn


If you are planning to make a career or trying your hand on experting some specific programming language, we will help you in deciding. According to scope as per performance, usage and job description, we searched and developed a list of languages which you should learn to rock in programming side.


Pronounced as sequel stand for structured query language. This language is available in wide variety of versions i.e mysql, microsoft sql or postgreSQL . Whatever you do on the internet there are 90% chances you will touch something of sql. Similarly either your are Analyst, Designer or programmer you should learn database and among database, you should have a great know-how of SQl specially when you are peeping into web or server side programming.


Even after 20 years of launching java maintains it`s popularity. this is all because of its versatility. A Developer still believes in its magics . would you believes about 9 million developers are working on this. Java is so popular because of its compatibility. you can understand its value by the fact that companies like amazon and LinkedIn are using it. So don’t worry it will at least survive with great popularity for next 10 years.


Javascript is another famous and one of its type language of web programming. this is the language giving life to websites. Dynamic websites are gifts of javascript. They are even dynamic that you can develop a fully functional game with it. this is also scripting language of WWW. It`s versions like node.js are used to develop major browsers like chrome and firefox.

Besides these three top languages,  there are some other languages. Such languages are php,c++,c#,ruby rails etc. However the fact is that most of these languages work with other languages to give you a fully functional setup. Moreover, you should learn not one but many languages to survive in programming race.

Java,Java script and sql

Top Programming Languages





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