Easy Steps To Write A WordPress Post

Easy Steps To Write A WordPress Post

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Writing a WordPress Post is really simple, but a bit technical. Here are some guidelines:

PART 1: Six Basic Steps of Writing a WordPress Post

Step 1: Post Title

Rule 1: Keep the first letter of each word Capital.

Rule 2: The title should contain 5 to 10 words.

Step 2: Write Post Contents

Rule 1: There should be no grammar mistakes. All writers should install Google Grammarly Extension in chrome.

Rule 2: Insert Pictures in the post. The picture must be renamed before posting. Try to name the pictures in accordance with the post contents. This is how you can add pictures in the post:

Rule 3: Try to use headings. This is how headings can be added:

Rule 4: You can add links to other posts on the internet or at our website. To do this select any word or line and then do the following:


Step 3: Select a Category

Rule 1: Minimum Categories should be selected. In the case of a child category, select both parent and child category. For example, if you are selecting Technology, select both categories i-e Technology and Blogs

Rule 2: You can select the category of your name too.

This is how you can select categories:

Step 4: Add Tags

Why we need tags? Suppose that you are writing a post about Nawaz Shareef or Imran Khan. As you know that there are millions of personalities in the world. And we cannot create a category for each of them. What can be done is that we can create a Tag. So here is a way to do that:

Step 5: Adding Featured Image

Just imagine that you are searching on google for Arfa Karim. When you search Arfa Karim, google will show pictures of Arfa Karim. Ever wondered how is that possible? It is simple.

Rule 1: When you are writing a post, add a Featured Image.

Rule 2: But most importantly, rename this picture before uploading.

So, for example, if you were writing a post related to Bilawal Bhutto, download a picture of Bilwal from google, rename the picture in your PC as Bilawal Bhutto, and upload. Here is how you can upload a Featured Image:


Step 6: Adding Videos

You can add videos from famous youtube channels. It is very easy to do this: Simply perform following actions:


PART 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Your Post

Just imagine, people searching for Arfa Karim on Google, and Google showing the results from your website or your posts on the first page of Google. That’s awesome. But how is that possible? Search Engine Optimization makes it possible. A post without good SEO is wastage of effort both for the writer and the web management. If SEO is not good, no one will ever read your post. Following are five simple steps to ensure a good SEO:


Step 1: Click on Edit Snippet and you will see the following options:

Step 2: SEO Title

SEO Title is automatically generated by the themes. You should not be worried about it. If you initially selected good length of the post (Step 1 of Part A), then it should show a green bar.

Step 3: Slug

It is the short web address of your post. Normally it is automatically generated. It should not contain any stop word (like is, am are, the, of etc).

Step 4: Meta Description

Enter a Meta Description for the post. It is a two line abstract of the whole post. Check the following example:

Step 5: Most Important of All – Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is the heart of SEO. This is the most important thing in the whole post from management and author’s perspective. A keyword is something that people write in search engines while trying to find some information. For example, if someone wants to get information about Panama Leaks, he/she will simply write PANAMA LEAKS in google and google will show thousands of results for the posts related to Panama Leaks. So for many posts related to Panama Leaks, Panama Leaks will be the focus keyword.

Here are some rules to write a keyword:

Rule 1: Keyword should be present in Post Title
Rule 2: Keyword should be present in First Paragraph of the post

Rule 3: Keyword should be present in the meta description

Rule 4: It’s excellent if keyword is also present in the slug




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