Lahore To Light Up With LCD Billboards Like Time Square As Per CM’s Order

Lahore To Light Up With LCD Billboards Like Time Square As Per CM’s Order



Lahore is going to light up with digital display screens all over the city as per CM Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif ordered on Saturday. He ordered to place digital screens on all busy rounds of Lahore. The venture is started to give a more developed look to the city.

Lahore is a more developed city as compared to other big cities of Pakistan as CM Shahbaz Sharif have been criticised for spending more budget on this city.

CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif assembled a conference and planned to put these billboard screens everywhere throughout the city. There will be rules and regulations about the size of the screens and the advertising content that will keep running on them. Some of these boards have as of now been introduced on few sections of the city like MM Alam Road, Hussain Chowk and Mini Market.

Presently this project will be extended on three of the bustling roads of Lahore and then the number of screens will continue expanding. The reason for installing these screens on busiest roads is the factor that traffic is slower on such roads which give a reason to drivers to watch the content over screens. The lights of these screens will be kept soft so they don’t create any diversion for the drivers.

PHA claims that this will increase the income for the Government and PHA. They will also give another field to the advertisers. These digital screens will run more adverts than the old style signboards in the city. According to a representative of PHA, “if this project once gets success, it will also be started on the main streets after busy roads. While CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif said that a remarkable arrangement will be made to keep a check on the system of running adverts on these digital screen billboards.



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