See What Your Sleeping Positions Reveal About Your Personality

See What Your Sleeping Positions Reveal About Your Personality


All of us sleep and all of us has different sleeping style. Sleeping positions reveal about your personality. Here are the ways in which you sleep. Choose your favorite sleeping position and see what the sleeping position tells about your personality.

Log Position

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Do you sleep in this position? If yes, then see what it reveals about your personality.

Log position, in which the sleeper turns on either right or left side by keeping the legs straight and arms by their sides. It is the second popular sleeping position. Log sleepers are very social  people.  They are also very trusting, which can sometimes make them seem a little gullible. They are friendly and conversational.

Yearner Position

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This position looks like a log, but slightly different from the log. The sleeper lay straight with arms stretched out in front of the body. Studies says that they are a little bit slow in making a decision, but once they decide they stuck to it. Yearner sleepers sometimes suspicious of new situations. They are inviting and open minded persons.

Soldier Position

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Soldier sleeper’s sleep with back straight on their arms and sides. Studies says that soldier sleepers are usually silent and they have many expectations in their lives. These people tend to be strong. Soldier sleepers are well-structured persons having many defined goals.

Freefall Position

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Free fall sleeper’s sleep on their stomach, head on the side and arms wrapped around the pillow. This is also popular sleeping positions, although this is not very convenient sleeping position. As the name suggests, they are free of tension,enjoys every moment of their lives. Free fallers can be anxious under some situations. They tend to be risk takers.

Fetal Position

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Fetal sleepers sleep with their head on one side, with arms beneath the pillows, but legs stretched or folded towards the belly. A Large percent of people follow this sleeping position. Those who sleep in fetal position are said to be sensitive and think about a problem unnecessarily. They are shy and overthink people.

Starfish Position

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The starfish is the least popular sleeping style. Starfish sleepers are said to be friendly and helping. They try to listen to others problems and solve them. They are said to be loyal people.



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