Healthy Winter Fruits One Should Must Eat

Healthy Winter Fruits One Should Must Eat



Fruits are the best deserts, are the natural source of sugar and are best healthy food. Allah Almighty provided us best-tasting fruits. We have some very tasty and healthy fruits available in winters. Personally speaking,  I think fruits are the best source to stay hydrated in winters as one rarely feels thirsty so intake of water decreases. Before moving on let me tell you how fruits can make your life easy

  • By Giving you nutrition to build new cell and repair old cell
  • To ease your sweet tooth in a healthy manner
  • Peel of fruits can be used to enhance your beauty.

Let`s see what fruit winter offers


Oranges a great source of vitimen C.  This sweet and slightly bitter tasting food is available in a variety of form i.e kinnow, red blood fruiter etc. These are widely available in Asia. they are ripened  in October but best is in mid of January.


you all are familiar with a  phrase” an apple a day keeps the doctor away” . this is so because it contain antioxidants which are active agents in keeping your body protected from various kind of germ and illness. Though now a days they are available through   out the year but best are available in winters



Banana is another winter full of sweetness soft to eat so is suggested to eat while having illness. This tasty sweet food is also full nutritions. Among them id potassium . This food is eaten raw, in salads. Here I remember a cold remedy, in winters when you feel cold or suffering from cold you should eat honey and banana. This will build an internal immunity to fight against cold and fever.

Beside these cherish and tasty friuts, you will also love to eat pomegranate . this red colored citrus  tasting food is not only good in taste but will increase your HB level. In the end,  I would like to suggest you to eat as much fruits as possible as a replacement of fast food.



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