These Apps Will Help You Get Job in UAE

These Apps Will Help You Get Job in UAE


1. iPQ Career Planner

Download and familiarize yourself with iPQ Career Planner. It will give you an idea about which career path you should pursue. iPQ Career Planner’s 52-question assessment will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It will also suggest matching jobs and careers. It is a career coach to advise your ideal job.

2. LunchMeet

It is a modern app that works through LinkedIn. You can meet people and hear their experiences to figure out your career path. It also arranges a meeting with people who are also available for lunch, coffee, or drinks in your local area using its in-app messaging feature.

3. Hidden jobs

This app will help you find the jobs that are not advertised in the newspaper or on job boards. Hidden Jobs will certainly broaden your search.

4. The Job Interview Questions

This is an amazing app for job seekers. Most of the new job hunters are scared of the job interview. The app will ask questions relevant to job interview and gives you tips and guidance for the effective answer. It also allows you to record yourself and observe your delivery to improve your replies.

5. Glassdoor

This app will provide a number of reviews from current and former employees of the company. This feedback will enable you to identify the corporate environment. It also provides the list of the current job opening for a given company.



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