The Army And The Raheel Sharif

The Army And The Raheel Sharif


The institution which defends the motherland and provides security to the country is known as the Army. Theoretically, the decisions taken in parliament regarding national security policies and operations on grounds provide a framework to the army. In turn, it is constitutionally and legally bound to implement. For the past few years, Pakistan was badly penetrated by the so-called non-state actors and terrorists. They had successfully established safe havens around the western borders of Pakistan including areas of FATA and KPK.

Subsequently, with the consensus in the parliament and civil-military understanding, we have been able to destroy the strong bases of terrorists in Pakistan to a greater extent. The operation in Swat, South Waziristan, North Waziristan and Karachi had been helping us to get rid of terrorism from our soil under the great and excellent leadership qualities of the then COAS general Raheel sharif. His appreciation and applaud have not been confined to Pakistan only but he was internationally recognized as well. His efforts, sincerity, and contributions to the state of Pakistan earned him a great reputation and uniqueness.

However, his highness, unparalleled precedents he had set, and respect has started to shatter a few days ago.

It is being said that he has been appointed as the chief of the Islamic military alliance led by Saudi Arab.

It has been more than a year since the Saudi-led Islamic military alliance of 39 Muslim majority nations was formed. The purpose was said to be to conduct joint operations and fight against terrorism. The exclusion of Iran, Iraq, and Syria from the Muslims boundary gave this alliance a sectarian color. It seems to be fact that Saudi is using the Muslim bond for its national interests and want to influence the conflict in Syria and Yemen. In fact, the joint session of the parliament refused to send its troops to fight along with the Saudi forces in Yemen. It was in the interest of Pakistan to not be a part of the controversial sectarian alliance. The involvement in the fights of the Saudi and Iran would have distracted the operation Zarb e Azab and Pakistan’s own fight against terrorism.

Meanwhile, the retired general’s decision to join as a chief of Saudi-led alliance must not go unchecked and unapproved by the parliament. How can he accept the post without seeking an approval from the parliament. The state is the supreme authority, once Pakistan made its position clear by not accepting Saudi’s request so every single individual, bureaucrat, politician, military personnel and the judge is morally and ethically bound to not even go close to that.

It can be said that if he accepts such post then it would clearly indicate the sign of disrespect for the parliament and state of Pakistan.



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