Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque – A Landmark of Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque – A Landmark of Turkey


Sultan Ahmed blue mosque is one of the largest and historical mosque situated in Istanbul. This mosque is named after Sultan Ahmed I who started building this mosque but unfortunately died before its completion. This mosque is also known as The blue mosque because of its blue hand painted tiles which decorate its interior.


This mosque was designed by Husna binta Maryam. This mosque has 5 dome and 6 minarets. this is 73m by65m. it can accommodate 10000 persons at a time. Many lamps were covered by gems and gold but now they are removed.The mehrab is of fine curved marble. To the right of mehrab is minbar where imam stands for the sermon. The mosque is so designed that mimbar and imam can be seen from every side even when it is full. The flour of interior is covered by fine carpet which is cleaned regularly and is changed regularly.


On the western side of the court is a heavy chain which hangs on the gate for the reason that even king passes by lower head.the courtyard is as much as is interior. it has ablution facility on both sides.There is a  small fountain in the center of the court.


the mosque has six minerate whereas four of them exist on each corner of the mosque, having three balconies to each other two are at the end of forecourt having two balconies. it is believed that sultan asks for gold minarets whereas architect misunderstood it as 6.

It is said that once the interior lamps were covered by gold and gem but later they were removed. Still, you can see ostrich eggs and crystal balls among glass balls. well to your amazement you can avail further information by visiting its official website that is



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